4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Pipeline with Events

Live events offer a unique opportunity for reaching out to large, relatively homogeneous audiences in a very short space of time. Some commercial partners are better at taking advantage of this than others. Sara Summers shares four great tips here on how they can ensure they have a great, and productive, show…

The Creatively Strategic World of Sara Summers


Every November Acesse hosts our annual corporate event in Las Vegas. We had close to 700 attendees from 16 countries attended this year, making it our largest US conference to date!

Event marketing can be a dynamic way to interact with your customers, especially if you are focused on selling to other small businesses. Regalix recently reported that in 2014, 91% of B2B marketers say they invested some budget in events and most saw somewhat significant (33%) to significant (57%) acceleration in lead generation and sales pipeline growth.

So how do you host a successful event? Here are 4 tips for hosting an event in 2015 to increase your sales pipeline growth.

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