Exhibition industry research 2015

Capture2Registration specialists have access to a great deal of data across many events and markets. To illustrate just how useful analysing this data can be, today’s guest post comes from Bart van Bijnen at N200. Over the last two years, they have worked on various research projects, including one in 2014 where they looked at over 500,000 registrations and 320,000 visitors across 46 trade shows to bring the key facts on B2B visitors in The Netherlands.

Here are the top 10 facts that were found in their analysis:

  1. 91% of visitors register online
  2. Average age of visitors is 42, mainly generation X
  3. Over 28% of visitors are from outside The Netherlands
  4. Three out of five registrations turn up!
  5. More visitors are male (82%), though they both convert to attend in roughly the same percentage (60.4% male, 61.2% female)
  6. You have a higher attendance, if a visitor has been recommended your show by colleagues, exhibitors or the trade press
  7. 78.5% of visitors register less than one month before the day of opening
  8. The younger the attendees – the more likely they are to register via social media
  9. You have very loyal visitors, with over 55% of them attending previous events
  10. You have a higher attendance if your delegates register via social media (69.8%)

In addition, N200 conducted some B2B Exhibition Visitor Profiling in partnership with FaceTime in 2013.  This time it was to look at the profile of the average visitor to UK B2B exhibitions. N200 looked at over 250,000 attendees of B2B exhibitions in the UK across more than 30 shows throughout 2012/2013.

The headline Capture3findings included:

  • In the UK 10.1% of professionals are in board level positions*, at B2B exhibitions 23% of visitors hold this position. More than double the UK average.
  • 20% of visitors to B2B exhibitions come from big businesses employing more than 100 employees. This compares against an average of 1.4% of UK business matching this profile.
  • At B2B exhibitions 27% of board level visitors are women, way over the FTSE and UK average regarding board representation.
  • On average 29% of UK businesses achieve a turnover of £250,000*. At B2B exhibitions 48% of visitors represent these types of companies.
  • Foreign visitors account for 18.6% of all visitors meaning exhibitors can have a home-based route to international markets at UK B2B exhibitions.

If you would like a copy of the full research on either of these two projects, please contact N200.




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