Events are ‘popping up’ everywhere these days

Amazing-spaces-image-5-636x300I’m going to confess right now to being a bit of a George Clarke addict, and in particular his Channel 4 series Amazing Spaces. Passionate about building and design, his programmes are a bundle of nervous energy as he bounds from one project to the next (rather like a few event managers of my acquaintance!). The Amazing spaces series focusses on innovation and creating brilliant projects in unlikely places with equally eclectic building materials.

Green Room Co-op Street Party 2[1]For me this triggered a link with events, because I began to think how great events and experiences can be created when we look outside our normality. Armed with this idea I have been off to do a little research and there is much inspiration to be found. Pop-up events are everywhere, from mini food festivals to art exhibitions, fashion shows to vintage tea dances.


Of course there is no way that a large scale industry meeting or exhibition is ever going to relocate from a purpose built venue. But there is much to be gained by taking the event to the audience. A Town Hall meeting for a corporate client can morph into an interactive learning opportunity; a product demonstration into a memorable activity that builds customer loyalty and interaction; a staff training day which becomes a night out at a Michelin starred restaurant.

kate-spade-and-florence-bus1 (2)

Following on from yesterday’s post on how events can be a tool for restoring a destination’s image it seems logical that pop-up events can play a pivotal role in this activity. Their small size and physical dexterity means that pockets of entertainment can be placed in locations where potential audiences are gathering but no suitable solid-state venue exists.

Green initiatives, reduced staff budgets, technology and pressure on individuals to spend more time working mean that there are significant obstacles to getting people to come to us at a specific venue. Maybe Pop-ups are the answer…

Hellen @missioncontrol




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