Tips on Running a successful conference: Measurement of ROI on a conference

ROI on events is notoriously difficult to measure. Here are some pointers on how you can set the KPIs which will determine whether your event has been successful or not.

B2B Event Management

In this blog we will follow on from the previous tip where we looked at setting Objectives for ROI to review the measurement of ROI objectives, incorporating different  levels of ROI Methodology used to measure ROI of an event.

As mentioned in the previous tip on setting objectives for ROI which is another way of expressing the contribution to profit made by an event.  The profit is the net value created by the event minus the event costs.  ROI is the profit expressed as a percentage of the cost of the event.

Measuring Level 0, Target Audience

  • The target audience should be the right people attending the event.  They are the ones with the greatest learning and behaviour gap in the potential participants.
    • The target audience is therefore defined by a method of deduction from desired behaviour (level3) and required learning (level2)
    • Measuring that have the right target audience, the…

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2 thoughts on “Tips on Running a successful conference: Measurement of ROI on a conference

  1. I have been troubled by this model for ROI for a long time. It is based on the 1950s work for training programmes. Are conferences an extension of training? Why would this model be effective? It also limits the possibilities of conferences to learning type activities. What about collaboration? What about 1000 people harnessing their brains to solve a big challenge for a company or an industry for a couple of hours? What is the value of this type of result? Nothing if you use the current thinking.


    1. Hi Ed – in the social media course I run I introduce the idea that since ROI is very much a business metric (i.e. output against input) it is not necessarily the way in which to measure the effectiveness of a conference/event marketing campaign. I have found that the most effective measurement is to set up some properly researched KPIs (i.e. not ones just made up in a management meeting) and judge how a campaign is working on that basis.


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