Leading from the front…

… or bringing up the rear?End of a race

If you don’t spot the innovation coming you can pretty much guarantee that you have missed the big growth curve.  But that might be OK for you, if you are happy just riding along on the end of the wave.  It’s not as exciting though is it?

And if you are producing the same events, magazines and marketing you were 10 years ago, clinging onto an old business model that is still delivering the goods (just) you are definitely stuck.

Stuck in the mud. Stuck in a rut. Stuck in a working pattern that is ignoring the fundamental shift in business practices that is happening all around you if you would only stop and look and listen.

And changing it is.  So fundamentally and radically that in five years time the media landscape will be unrecognisable.  LinkedIn and Facebook, and other networking sites, will be the new broadcast media pushing groups of likeminded, engaged and empowered communities to their own networks; instant online solutions will deliver knowledge sharing and collaboration across national and cultural boundaries.  It will be a very small world indeed.

So where will you be?  At the forefront of this global revolution or sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to tell you what to do, or worse sitting there because everything your business is built on today simply vanished overnight?