Getting connected

Linked chains

con·nec·tive  (k-nktv)
adj. Serving or tending to connect.
n. One that connects.

Clever organisations are already engaging in connective marketing: joining all of their activities together into a seamless strategy that encompasses all of their internal, online, mainstream media and live communications.

It’s such a simple idea that it’s hard to understand why it is such a new concept.  Why is bringing all this activity together so difficult?

Perhaps it is because events are often seen as an adjunct to, or separate from, the main marketing activity, or that online is so sophisticated that it can only be handled by a specialist agency.

But technological advances mean that this is no longer the case.  Platforms that enable live events to be knitted into the very fabric of online activity are now available; social media can be tied into conferences and disparate workforces bought together to exchange ideas and proffer solutions.

Creating connections has never been easier.


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