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Virtual has been reality for some time

Flight simulatorsChanging attitudes is hard.  Particularly when people believe that what you are talking about could really shake up the status quo.

When we talk about our passion for changing business practices through groundbreaking technology we get a variety of responses: 

  • Event management companies look at the virtual technologies, compare them with their live offering and are generally dismissive, despite results from our recent survey saying that 80% of event directors/managers/organisers think that virtual events represent a real opportunity for the events industry.
  • Corporates who are already using or building different forms of virtual communication technologies can’t quite believe that the technology is as advanced as it is, and are blown away by the simplicity and the capabilities of the system we use – 6Connex®.
  • Business leaders listen politely, technology isn’t their thing, then they have what we call a ‘confetti bomb’ moment, when they suddenly realise just what we can deliver.

Virtual events and connective marketing are not just concepts.  They are business changing reality and they are available right now.

People have been doing things virtually for a very long time already: from pilots trained in flight simulators to buying your train tickets online; building virtual farms on Facebook to checking out health symptoms on NHS Direct; we don’t even question the process.  Twenty years ago the insurance agent came to your house to arrange your car insurance, now you gocompare. Was that so hard?

It’s time to embrace virtual technologies to create collaborative communities that make a real difference to the way the world does business.


2 Comments on Virtual has been reality for some time

  1. onekitty21 // July 26, 2010 at 17:15 // Reply

    “technology isn’t their thing” dont think so theyve got iphones :))


    • The other comment we get a lot is ‘people won’t spend more than 10 minutes in front of their computers’ – the same people who spend 45 minutes browsing videos on YouTube!


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