Three steps? We’re working on it.

Anyone who has had to sit through one of my training sessions will know that I’m a really big fan of Seth Godin.

His insights into marketing and customer behaviour are packed with common sense and desire for top spot on the podium rather than the disconsolate walk back to the changing room.

I’ve been reading a collection of his blog posts in his book small is the new Big and came across one entitled secrets to success yesterday.  You can go to the link to see the whole thing, which I would heartily recommend, but in the meantime here is the one point that really got me thinking:

“Desire to be three steps ahead. One step is easy. One step isn’t enough. If you’re only one step ahead, you’ll get creamed before you launch. Two steps is tempting. Two steps means that everyone understands what you’re up to when you pitch them. Two steps means that you can get funded in no time. Two steps is a problem. It’s a problem because the smart guys are three steps ahead. They’re the groundbreakers and the pathfinders. They’re the ones inventing the next generation. It’s harder to sell, harder to build and harder to get your mother-in-law to understand, but that’s what’s worth building.”

From now on we’re going to be aiming for three steps, and encouraging our clients to do the same.

hellen @ missioncontrol


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