Virtuality is the new reality…

Confession time.

We’ve been a little bit lax with our posts recently, in fact we couldn’t believe that so much time had gone by since we last wrote anything, despite the fact that we have had a lot on our minds.

Together with some colleagues we have been working on a new project which you can take a look at here:

The BIG idea is that we now have a whole new dimension which we can offer clients who really want to engage with their clients, colleagues and customers.  The acceptance of social networking sites for business such as LinkedIn, Xing and Plaxo and our increasing propensity to watch video content online on-demand now makes the idea of creating websites using virtual experience platforms a reality.

For the marketer the benefits are really clear.  Whether you own the site or are working with a partner as an exhibitor/vendor or a sponsor you can accurately measure exactly who is online, where they are visiting, for how long and what they are downloading.  Such information is invaluable in enabling organisations to measure their ROI, both in terms of investment in the product, but also in terms of the products and projects that you want to engage clients in.  No other media, not even google adwords can give you this kind of information, or power.

Virtual events won’t replace live events, because there is something very special about connecting with someone in person.  However they will add an extra dimension to the event mix.


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