Technology – smology

We were working at an event not very long ago and once the delegates were all sitting comfortably there was that lovely period when everything was calm and well ordered and all we had to do was watch the clock until the next break was due.

Unusually for the times, the venue didn’t have wifi (either free or paid for), so there wasn’t much point getting the laptop out and we all had internet enabled phones with us anyway.  Consequently, each of us went off into our own little huddle to commune with the internet via our nifty handheld devices.  After a short while there was a little whine from one of our project managers ‘will you all stop playing games on your phones and come and talk to me’.

So we were all working, checking emails and replying to clients, yet the most techno-phobic member of the team (who refuses to get a blackberry/equivalent and doesn’t know how to send an sms message) immediately assumed that we were messing around…  So much for technology giving us a better image then.


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