Getting involved

How often have you met an old friend at a Wedding, Christening or perhaps a Funeral and mutually agreed that it is terrible that you haven’t kept in touch?  You share a drink or two, maybe even exchange new phone numbers and fervently promise that you will call.  Then you put the piece of paper in your pocket and don’t find it again until you wrestle your jacket out of the closet for the next formal occassion.

Business relationships can be the same: you meet someone, you take their card and promise to call; a great colleague goes off on a new venture and you vow to keep in touch; you meet a potential client at an event and take a note to set up a meeting.

And time passes.  And more time.  And then the moment is lost.

Maintaining relationships, whether they are personal or professional, takes time and effort.  You have to nurture and cosset them, feed them little and often in order to reap the rewards.


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