Who exactly is who on LinkedIn

We manage a group on LinkedIn called ‘Who’s who in Events’ and we’re a teensy bit precious about it.  So much so that we check everyone out to see if they actually have events experience before we will let them join (which is why sometimes there are quite a few people waiting in line).

One thing that really ticks us (well Hellen actually as she is chief group manager) off is the number of people who have added their profile and then say absolutely nothing about themselves.

Frankly folks you might just as well have just written your profile out on a post-it and stuck it to your PC for all the difference it will make.  They are sometimes exactly the same people who say ‘how do I grow my business via LinkedIn’ – well first of all you need to tell people what you do.

If we can’t find anything about you from what you have written, how on earth is anyone else going to?


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