May 19

Getting to know you…

Like the medical profession, familiarity is a crime that many event organisers are guilty of.  Not in the sense of being over-friendly, but forgetting that the visitor does not experience an event every day, nor do they spend many waking hours planning, discussing or thinking about every minute detail of how the spectacle is created […]

March 10

The best events are non-events. An event professional’s perspective.

“I just got back from a fantastic event. Brilliant!” “Where was it?” “The Whitsundays. Had a ball!” “What was the event about?” “Sales. Usual stuff.” The ‘usual stuff’. If that’s what your last event was like, chances are your event manager didn’t have a clue. Anyone can find you a great venue, stunning catering, fun […]

March 04

Dynamic pricing for events

Back in June last year, for reasons known only to parents of other participants at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree, I found myself in a very long, snaking queue at Earls Court, London. Not only was it the longest line I have ever experienced for a venue based event of any kind, but it was […]

March 03

Eventex: My Five Takeaways From Sofia

Originally posted on EVENT MARKETING BLOG:
They say, when you attend an event, and you take away at least five things that you learned – or five people that you met who will potentially play a role in your personal or professional life – then it was a good event for you. Well, according to…

March 03

A question of timing

Ever since the emphasis for event marketing switched to content generation, one of the biggest questions has been when to broadcast. The same message sent out at 08:32, 11:45, 13:15 or 17:22 can have vastly different response rates so there is always that difficult decision as to which, if any or all, time to choose.  Does […]

February 26

The importance of data

Despite the fact that a significant proportion of event marketing is now conducted via social media and other channels, the majority of the response generally comes from audiences that are already known to us. Visitors and pre-registered non-attendees are the two most important sectors for any B2B conference, exhibition or meeting. From the moment they […]

February 23

Is our love affair with technology destroying the visitor experience?

As event organisers, the advent of computer technology has transformed every area of our business. It’s difficult to explain to anyone with less than ten years’ experience just how laborious the job of registering and managing visitors and delegates used to be. Telephones would ring off the hook as we tried to manage enquiries, bookings, cancellations and […]